On June 27 2016, Charlie departed from London with only his board and basic supplies in an attempt to stand up paddle around the UK. He completed the 1000km Land's End to London leg of the UK in 2012 and now has become the first person to explore the entire coastline of England and Wales by SUP!

The trip took 5 months to complete,  He was also 'supping for his supper'. With only limited food supplies that he can carry on his board, and no cash, Charlie relyed on the generosity of his supporters and the public to donate meals that will fuel his continued journey.

Leaving the coast better than he found it

A huge part of Charlie's journey around the UK is aimed at raising awareness of the detrimental effect of plastics on the ocean environment. Charlie will undertake beach cleans at many of his stops around the UK, inviting local communities to join in. To learn more about ocean plastics, check out Plastic Oceans http://www.plasticoceans.net/

Follow his progress

The best way to follow what Charlie is up to is through his Facebook page - give the page a like and share some encouragement on the comments.


How can you support Charlie, the hungry SUPper?


As Charlie lands on beaches across the country, he will do his bit to leave the beaches in a better state than he found them in. Support him by joining him on beach cleans. Register your interest below and we'll tell you when he will be at a beach near you

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Tell us the nearest town to you so we know when and where Charlie will be cleaning up.
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donate £3 for a meal

With no money and limited food supplies, Charlie needs all the help he can get to help sustain him on this epic trip around the UK coast. Just £3 will buy him a meal. Anything over and above what he needs to survive will go to The Big Stand, the charity Charlie is founder and ambassador of.